My First Weightlifting Meet

Hi everyone!  So though this blog has been mostly recipes so far,  I thought it would be fun to share with you my experience with my first weight lifting meet.

Last Thursday (11/5/15) I competed in my first weightlifting competition, which, since I have been lifting for about to years, has been a bit over due.  I am on my high school’s weight lifting team, and this meet was sort of a “mock meet” to get the experience, without actually competing against another school.  We also go to really test our maxes so that we can go into our first meet having a better idea of what we can actually lift.

Before the meet we had a “Pre- Meet meal” which one of the moms cooked up and brought in.  I opted to bring my own dinner in a tupperware.  While everyone ate spaghetti, I ate spaghetti squash with sweet potato puree and ground beef.

When we finally started warming up, it was around 4:00 PM.  we warmed up until 4:30 when the meet began.  My platform had 3 weight classes competing on it, mine being the highest, and since the rule is that you can only add weight to the bar, not take it off, the people that lifted less got to go first.  I waited a pretty long time…  I was not the last person to start my bench, but I was definitely in the last 3/4 of the girls competing on my platform.

My come in weight for bench press was 95 pounds, which I squashed fairly easily.  I decided I wanted to jump to 105 (my previous max) to see if I could get that and then try to PR.  That 10 pound jump turned out to be a bad decision.  I could not lift my next two lifts, which could have been a number of things.  I was sore from the lifting we did a couple of days before, but my coach told me that it was my brain giving up before my muscles that was keeping me from lifting that 105 bar…  Either way, now I have a goal.  In my next meet, I AM CRUSHING THAT 105 WEIGHT!

Anyways, on to clean and jerk.  In my clean and jerk, my come in weight was 105, and I had to weight a very long time again.  While i waited, I made sure to stay warm by doing a light clean and jerk every two or three minutes.  Once it was my turn up, I walked out onto the platform and crushed it.  Next was 110.  Crushed.  115. At 115 I bottomed out when I caught it, my butt almost touched the floor, but I fought my way back up and jerked it.

Since this was sort of a trial meet to find our true maxes, coach had me keep lifting, even though in a true meet, I would only get three attempts.  So off to 120.  I also struggled to get out of that squat, but managed it.  I jerked it up and got that weight too.

Unfortunately, 125 did not pan out.  I couldn’t get my left elbow under it and ended up dropping it at the bottom of my squat.  Oh well,  I’ll crush it next time.  I got much more than I thought I was able to and I was- and am- extremely proud.

Nutritionally,  throughout the meet, I sipped on 1 scoop PEScience Amino IV in cherry limeade flavor, along with a big bottle of water.  Before clean and jerk, I found that I was hungry, so I munched on a Cascadian Farms organic oats and chocolate bar, taking a bite very couple of minutes.  This let me digest it easier, because my stomach tends to be really sensitive while i am exercising.

That was my experience with my first weight lifting meet.  My score was second best in my weight lass, which means that in the next meet, my score, along with my strong teammates’ scores, will be compared to the opposing team’s scores to determine the winner of the competition.  I will keep you updated!




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