Rant: You Get What You Give

Hello everyone!  This is kind of a different post than normal so I hope you guys don’t mind.

So, I’m going to just dive right in.  This rant is basically about the importance of good leadership, and you may or may not relate.  But either way, you’ll get to read a good rant.

Today at my weight lifting practice, there was a large number of girls that were not working, but instead chatting and goofing off on the side.  This is pretty normal for my team, and usually there is a few people actually doing what they are supposed to, and everyone else does what ever they want.  The people that work hard during practice are the ones who actually lift for points in meets, and everone else wonders why… I don’t wonder.  If you work hard in practices, it will pay off, and if you goof off in practices, you will be on the sidelines wondering why you’re not as good as the point lifters.  

This lackadaisical lifting is the usual accurence in our gym, but today, the coaches took notice.

Usually, after our lifts, we do abs, but instead, one of our coaches went into a tirade about the team that we are competing against in only 3 days.  The girls on that team are farm girls, getting up at 5:00 AM to take care of the farm- lift hay bails, milk cows, feed horses, those kinds of things.  While our team is chatting and socializing in our gym, the other team is working the farm in the morning, lifting after school, and preparing to, and I quote, “whoop our asses” (my coaches words, not mine, but I agree completely.). He told our captains, two seniors, to take control of the team.  Then he sent us all out to the track (I was not pleased.  Haha I hate running.)

So, we ran a mile instead of doing abs, and, surprise surprise, most people walked.  I over heard our captains complaining about how making us run wasn’t going to help and that I one listens to them anyways.

Here is kind of the point of the rant: The captains are the leaders of the team, and I am sure that if they demanded respect and hard work, people would give it.  But instead, they deflect responsibity and bad mouth the coaches.  This is THEIR team, and they’re the an example whether they want to or not.  As long as they set this disrespectful example, the team is going to follow suit.

I come from a backroad of team sports, mostly volleyball, and there was always a strong sense of discipline and authority of the coach, so the attitude on my lifting team amazes me.

As long as people continue to give half effort, or in a lot of cases, no effort at all, they will continue to see only minimal results.  Weightlifting is an individual sport, so really, the only people they are hurting is themselves.  The only thing I can do is continue to work my hardest in the hopes that I, and my other hardworking teammates,  set an example for at least some of the others.

Thanks for reading! I kind of needed a good rant.


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