Full Day of Eating (a lot)

I’ve gotten some requests for a Full Day of Eating (FDOE) post and I’ve read some of my friend Sarah at Eat Lift Repeat‘s FDOE posts, so I decided to give it a try today.  Today was actually my second day of crewing (competitive rowing) and it burns crazy calories so I have increased my intake to meet those needs.  So, here we go.  Hope you enjoy!


Cauliflower Oats made with sugar cookie tea, topped with a Lenny and Larry’s lemon poppy seed The Complete Cookie, and powdered peanut butter mixed with cheesecake jello mix and water.

12F 104C 43P (18 g Fiber)


Flat Out wrap full of ~3 oz pre-prepped chicken and a Sonoma Jacks light pepper jack cheese wedge.  On the side I had slacked radishes topped with garlic salt, dipped in quac and salsa like chips.

I forgot to take a picture but I also had 270g baby carrots.

11F 54C 40P (20g Fiber)

Pre-Crewing Snack:

Fiber one granola bar and two three lightly salted rice cakes (the third one is in my belly)

4F 50C 5P (9g Fiber)


Spaghetti squash topped with 1.5 oz reduced fat feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes.  Also, half of an avocado (not pictured.)

27F 62C 17P (14g Fiber)


A little over a pint of vanilla Arctic zero, 1/3 scoop PEScience protein mixed with water, half of a serving of Annie’s homegrown bunny crackers, dark chocolate sauce, a fiber one brownie, and The Lion’s Choice brownie batter peanut butter (use code ANNA10 for 10% off your order)

21F 81C 39P (28g Fiber)

Totals: 75F 351C 144P (89g Fiber)


5 thoughts on “Full Day of Eating (a lot)

    1. The amount of daily fiber needed is different for everyone. I eat this much fiber everyday and still (TMI) sometimes find it hard to go. If you know what I mean haha. It really depends on your body.


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