New Formula Questbar Review

As you may know, Quest Nutrition, a very popular “clean” protein bar company, made a not-so-popular change to their bars a few months back.  They recently sent several people a two bar sample of their new-new formula, to test it with their customers before making another big change.

I was one of the lucky ones who got sent the new formula.  I chose to receive the Apple Pie flavor and Cinnamon Roll flavor.  Though these are not my absolute favorite flavors (that honor goes to Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cookie Dough) these flavors are definitely some of their best and since I knew most people would choose the Cookies and Cream + Cookie Dough option, I opted for this one instead to let you know how these flavors turned out after the big switch.

Apple Pie Review:

This bar was delicious.  I am a huge fan of apple pie and they pretty much nailed the flavor.  The texture was extremely soft, not at all chewy.  The main complaint with the old-new formula was that it was two stiff/ chewy, and Quest Nutrition did a tremendous job at fixing the problem.  It was the “melt in your mouth- no chewing required” kind of soft.

The flavor is Apple Pie through out, with little chunks of apple.  The only critique I would make to this bar is to add more Apple chunks.  This bar gets a 10/10

Macros: 190 calories 7 F 23 C (14 Fiber, 3 Sugar) 20 P

Ok, moving onto Cinnamon Roll:

This bar was, again, extremely soft.  The flavor was delicious, but the flavor of the icing of a cinnamon roll wasn’t prominent, and let’s be honest, that’s the best part of a cinnamon roll!  It was more like eating the raw dough of a cinnamon vanilla cookie.  The flavor had a nice buttery undertone that made my mouth water.  It had a couple of almond chunks in it which I enjoyed immensely.  This bar also gets a 10/10!

Macros: 170 calories 7 F 23 C (14 Fiber 1 Sugar) 20 P

Over all, I think that Quest Nutrition has made some great improvements to their bars, and I can’t wait to try the rest of their flavors with the new formula.


3 thoughts on “New Formula Questbar Review

    1. Tell me if I don’t make sense haha. I follow an IIFYM based diet which means that I count both the fiber and the overall carbs. I shoot for around 330 carbs in all (including fiber) and shoot for 80g of fiber. So that would mean that I eat around 250 net carbs a day but I count both into my diet.


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