Krush Bar Reviews

You may or may not have heard of the brand Krush Nutrition.  They have been a small, dedicated brand for a while now, but they took a hiatus earlier this year/at the end of 2015.  Their bars are clean, high protein, and high fiber, so they have been on my “Must Try Bucketlist” for a while. I actually went looking to buy them a couple months ago, only to find that they were taking a break from production. Aaaaand I promptly forgot about them- at least until I saw my friend on Instagram, @marmars_happiness post about them again.

So, I visited their website and ordered a sample box to try one of each flavor- chocolate chip cookie dough, baked apple pie, chocolate chip mint, and birthday cake.  And I decided to review them.  These are in order from least favorite to favorite.

One more thing I would like to mention is that I am not affiliated with Krush Nutrition, and am instead making this review for you, my readers.  That being said, these are MY honest opinions, but by no means are they YOUR opinions.  Preferences in protein bars and food in general are very subjective and you may find that you love the bars that I find disgusting and vise versa.  Like the old saying goes,  “To each their own.”

Birthday Cake:

This was my least favorite flavor out of all of them.  The texture was soft and delicious (as you read you will find that all of the bars had great texture) but I felt that it tasted overly sweet.  Instead of tasting like cake with sprinkles on top, it was more like one big sprinkle.  By no means did it taste “bad” but it was not as yummy as the other bars.


Mint Chocolate Chip:

I definitely enjoyed this at.  It had decadent chocolate chips and the texture was super soft.  My only problem with this bar was that the mint taste was a little too strong for me.  The mint was also more tooth-pasty than I would like.  Other than that,  this bar was delicious.


Baked Apple Pie:

This bar was soft and scrumptious.  It had chunks of apple and tasted like an apple fritter.


Cookie Dough:

This bar was ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY.  It was very very similar to cookie dough, and was better, in my opinion, than any other cookie dough bar I have tried, including the notorious Quest Bar.  I also tried it broiled and microwaved, but raw was definitely my favorite.


Thanks for reading!  I hope that this review was helpful.  I definitely am planning on buying more of these bars in the future.




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