May 10 Full Day of Eating

It is May 10th and it has been a beautiful spring day full of sunshine and May warmth.  I went to school, and directly after I did a lower body lift in my school’s weight room, and then went home and relaxed.  I recorded what I ate for you guys in today’s blog post.

I am going to list the foods and macros that each meal contained, but I would like to mention that THESE ARE NOT MAGIC NUMBERS OR FOOD. My macros are for MY body which has absolutely nothing to do with your body. Please do not take my macro split and expect that it will affect you in the same way that it affects me.  However, if you would like to find out roughly what YOUR macro split is (I say roughly because you may still have to experiment to get them to match you exactly) you can use the IIFYM Macro Calculator that I used when I first started flexible dieting.  It gave me pretty reasonable numbers and hopefully it could help you too, if you are interested.  The point of this post is to give you meal ideas and show you ways to eat healthily while still eating really delcious foods.

Now that that is out of the way, here is what I ate today. 🙂


Apple pie Cauliflower Oats (added apple sauce and cinnamon to my Base Recipe for Grain Free Cauliflower Oatmeal), topped with The Wright Whey protein brownies and The Lion’s Choice toasted marshmallow Protein Peanut Butter. You can use my code ANNA10 for 10% off The Lion’s Choice products.  I definitely recomend this flavor of their peanut butters!

605 calories 19F 60C (19 Fiber, 20 Sugar) 48P


Turkey sandwich, cooked green beans, and three rice cakes. After this picture was taken, I put all this in Tupperware and baggies so that I could take it to school. I ate the sandwich, beans, and one rice cake for lunch and had two of the rice cakes about two hours later as a pre-workout snack.

430 calories 4F 71C (12 Fiber, 13 Sugar) 27P

Workout Fuel:

Intra workout PEScience Watermelon flavored aminos and post workout lemon cake OhYeah One Bar

275 calories 7F 23C (10 Fiber, 1 Sugar) 30P

I worked my lower body today.  I am on my high school’s women’s weight lifting team and our coach writes the workouts every day.  This was our workout:

  • Warm up: 2×4 hang snatches
  • Squat Clean and Jerk 8×1 at 82% of max
  • 8×2 front squats at 70% of max + chains
  • Leg press dropsets 2x 10.15 (do ten reps, drop weight and immediately do 15 more reps)
  • Superset: 4 sets of 8 Glute&Hams supersetted with 10 barbell curls each arm


Salad topped with cooked carrots and onion, one whole egg plus egg whites, nutritional yeast, and Bolt House Farms Parmesan Garlic yogurt dressing

320 calories 8F 40C (10 Fiber, 21 Sugar) 22P


Two cups of frozen blueberries topped with Greek yogurt mixed with white chocolate pudding mix, Nature Box Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops, and homemade chunky protein peanut butter.  I poured a cup of vanilla almond milk over it and ate it like a big bowl of cereal. 

585 calories 13F 83C (10 Fiber, 44 Sugar) 34P

Totals for day: 2210 calories 50F 277C (61 Fiber, 91 Sugar) 163P

Hope you all found this post helpful and/or enjoyable.




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