G2G Protein Bar Review

I have been meaning to try G2G Bars (stands for “Good to Go”)  for a long while, since I have seen fantastic reviews and some drool-worthy pictures of them.  I decided I would buy their sample pack which contains one bar of each flavor to review them so that I could give you guys a sense of how you would like these bars.


Overall: 8/10

These bars were absolutely delicious, and definitely filling (probably due to fat content).  They all had very similar textures, firm and chunky, but they melted in my mouth when I bit into them.  They do not require laborious chewing like some protein bars, which is a huge plus.  Also, the ingredients are all natural and almost all organic.  There are no long, un-pronounceable ingredients on this ingredient list!  These bars are gluten free and refined sugar free.  However, the natural ingredients do create a couple dissatisfying factors.    The price, being more that $3.00 a bar, is just not attainable for many people.  Price aside, another foible of these bars is that the nutty base creates a fat heavy macro ratio.  All of the bars are kind of small (though they are dense at 70g a bar) and contain the same macros: 298 Calories 14F 25C (4 Fiber 15 Sugar) 18P. Because I follow a relatively low-fat high-carb diet, the hefty fat content makes me think twice before eating these bars.  That is NOT to say that the fat content is unhealthy- just that it may not fit all lifestyles, so it is something to think about.  The high sugar content may also be a problem for some people, even though they are all natural sugars.  The nutrient breakdown of these bars is the only thing keeping them from reaching the 9-10/10 ratings, but I have to go with an 8/10 considering everything.  I would definitely recommend these to anyone who is following a clean-eating style diet, or in need of a delicious meal replacement or large snack bar.

Flavor descriptions:

Almond Chocolate Chip:

This bar has a very strong almond flavor, and is full of small chocolate chunks and almond peices.  It tastes very natural, kind of like almond butter chocolate chip cookie dough.  The texture is also amazing: melt in your mouth and not chewy at all.  The macros are a little heavy on the fats, at 14F 25C 18P.  The ingredients are stellar.


Almond Fruit Nut:

Again, it has a very strong almond taste, with dried fruit throughout and chunks of almonds.  The texture of this flavor is delcious.  Like the almond chocolate chip, it is firm, like refrigerated almond butter, but when you bite into it, it just melts.  *swoon*. This bar also is heavy in fats, and is packed with all natural ingredients. Macros: 298 calories 14F 25C 18P


Peanut Butter Fruit Nut:

If the Almond based bars had a almond taste, these had a strong roasted peanut taste, which i found to be delicious.  Other than that, it was just like the other fruit nut bar; this bar has chunks of dried fruit and nuts just like the other one.  I do think that this version was slightly softer than the almond variety, which was also pleasant.  The macros are the same as the other bars (298 calories, 14F 25C 18P) and the ingredients are just as clean.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip:

Who would have guessed that the I, with my combined love for peanut butter cookie dough, would find this flavor to be my favorite?  Yep, this flavor rocked!  It had a strong peanut butter taste, with chunks of chocolate chips and of coarse more peanut chunks.  Like all of these bars, the macros were not ideal, but the ingredient list was flawless. Macros: 298 Calories 14F 25C 18P


I hope that this review helped you decide whether or not to try these out!  I would love to hear what you think of these if you have tried them, and what other products you would like me to review.  Just let me know in the comments section.




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