Hey everyone! 

My name is Anna and my goal is to share some amazing recipes that help your reach your fitness goals without sacrificing taste and happiness!  This blog is kind of a more “official” version of my Instagram food blog, which I have had since January of 2015.  If you want to find more things that I make and lots more recipes, check it out.  Fuel For Anna

The main message I want to convey to everyone is that fitness can be balanced, fun, and flavorful.  I was once a victim to hard core dieting, and although the dedicated, competitive part of me loved it, the fun loving, part of me didn’t, and neither did my beautiful, growing body.  I needed to find a balance, and though I am not 100% there- if there even is a 100% to get to- I am pretty darn close, and pretty darn proud of how far I’ve come.

My hope is that someone will see the delectable food that I show them, and the little rants and stories here and there, and find their balance somewhere inbetween the lines.  

I hope I can make that difference.

Make it. Eat it.  Enjoy it.

The Lion’s Choice 10% off code: ANNA10

Contact me at anna.slayt@gmail.com


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